Green event guidelines

In order to reduce waste at school events, we’ve outlined some basic guidelines. For instructions, read below or click to download a printable version.

With the goals of eliminating and reducing waste, below are ideas on shrinking our events’ carbon footprints by reducing, reusing, and recycling:


  • Instead of individual plastic water bottles or juice boxes/bags, encourage kids to fill up their reusable water bottles at the sink.
  • Provide recyclable plastic cups for those without water bottles.


  • Buy in bulk (ex: goldfish, pretzels, dried fruit) instead of individual, single serving snacks.
  • Serve local and organic food when possible.
  • Send food home with volunteers, parents, students and teachers.


  • Use reusable plates, cups, and utensils.
  • If not available, use recyclable plastic (not plastic-coated paper products). 


Waste: set up for success by creating a “waste sorting station:  


  • “Organic” bin: food waste (except liquids — empty these into the sink) can be emptied into the green Organics bin in the cafeteria or the green dumpster in the parking lot.
  • “Recycle” bag: rinsed, emptied aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, clean paper, plastic cups, tin cans, yogurt and applesauce cups can be emptied into the blue Recycling bin in the cafeteria or the blue recycling dumpster in the parking lot. 

Reusable decorations & party favors:

  • Natural decorations (flowers, plants, colorful fruits, stones, bare branches decorated with ornaments or ribbon, etc.) that are biodegradable or reusable.  
  • Color-themed designs cut from construction paper. These can be saved for next year or recycled.
  • Party favors can be snacks without plastic wrapping.