Reusable tableware for school events

Reusable Tableware CheckOut Instructions (click here for printable version)

1. SIGN IN: 

2. USE: 

  • Tell your guests “Please DO NOT throw these away! They are reusable, NOT disposable.” 
  • Let your guests know these reusables reduce waste, save money and are better for the earth. 
  • After use, scrape off food, dump liquids and place inside container/bag.
  • Count 30 plates, 30 cups and 24 forks/spoons/knives. 
  • If any items are missing, please look into surrounding trash bins and recover them. 


  • Reusable sets must be taken home and returned the next school day
  • All used items must be sanitized in hot water in a dishwasher.  
  • Dry all washed items before returning to its carrying case. 
  • Count 30 plates, 30 cups and 24 forks, 24 spoons, 24 knives. 




Questions: Thanks for reducing waste and helping this program succeed!