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Optional Donation of Classroom Supplies & Teacher Wish Lists

If you would like to voluntarily donate supplies to a classroom, below are some direct links to supplies that teachers would greatly appreciate. By purchasing these supplies you are not only helping the classroom, but also supporting the PTA because we will get back a percentage of your purchases from Amazon ~ at no additional cost to you!

Any donations of supplies to the classroom are completely voluntary. Students enrolled in WRLC are not required to pay any fee, deposit, or other charge for participation in an educational activity offered by the school or the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, except as authorized by law.

If you chose to send classroom supplies from these lists via Amazon, please make sure that these supplies are (1) addressed to the specific teacher; and (2) delivered directly to the school – 2401 14th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. This will make it easier for the office and teachers to receive these supplies. 

Thank you for your support of the school and our PTA! Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions!


2nd Grade

SAI 4th/5th

4th Grade

5th Grade