Here at Will Rogers Learning Community, the PTA is committed to enriching the school experience for the students as well as parents. We are volunteers who courageously create and man our events, fundraisers, site improvements, gardens, after school classes, school newspaper, and much more. We are interested all year long in those wanting to fill Open Positions (in the red boxes below), join a position that is already filled (the more the merrier!), and  those who want to create something of their own.

You can support PTA with your $9 annual membership alone!

Becoming a member or renewing your PTA membership every year doesn’t mean you have to attend every meeting or event. Each membership helps us build our community and shows how many parents support the school.

PTA Executive Board

Exec Board members report on behalf of their chairs at a once-a-month, one-hour exec board meeting typically in the evening. 

President ℹ️  Stefanie Schlepp

Executive VP ℹ️
Valerie Jaime

Treasurer ℹ️
Jane Foronda

Recording Secretary ℹ️
profile-pic-recsec Amy Pandya-Jones

Corresponding Secretary ℹ️
Erin Inatsugu

Auditor ℹ️
Katherine Caulfield Newall

Financial Secretary ℹ️
Roxie Patton

Parliamentarian ℹ️
Tova Larsen


Historian ℹ️
Jessey Gonzales


Membership ℹ️

ED Foundation ℹ️
Lana Negrete

ASE ℹ️
Kate Gammon

Vice Presidents and Their Chairs

Volunteers ℹ️ 
Rebecca Browning

Hospitality ℹ️
Open Position

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Staff Appreciation ℹ️
Susie Delava
Sharon Vidal-Cunningham

Spanish Translation ℹ️
Cindy Garcia

Honorary Service Awards ℹ️
Stefanie Schlepp
Roxie Patton
Valerie Jaime

2nd VP, Events ℹ️ 
Ana Evangelista

K Events ℹ️
Nishi Shah


First Day Activities ℹ️
Rebecca Browning
Silke Eichholz
Meghann Russell

Welcome Back Picnic ℹ️
Darcy O’Brien

Movie Night ℹ️
Andrea and Joshua Schopk


Fall Dance ℹ️
Daisy Mercado
Nicole Elkind

Spring Dance ℹ️
Michelle Anaya

Cinco de Mayo ℹ️
School Event

Organic Life ℹ️
Jennifer Yi

3rd VP, Fundraising ℹ️ 
Jessica Lew

Jog-A-Thon ℹ️
Michael Scott & Emily DeFraites

Box Tops ℹ️
Brett Ewing

Auction ℹ️
Evan McGee

Restaurant Nights ℹ️
Naomi Seligman

Store ℹ️
Bridget Pollack

Communications ℹ️ 
Kim Phu

Room Parent ℹ️
Sarah Wahrenbrock

System Administrator ℹ️

system-administratorRobert Cadena

Social Media ℹ️
Stefanie Schlepp
Valerie Jamie
Kim Phu

Memory Book ℹ️
Natalie Magallanes
Rebecca Browning
Jackie Barajas

Pony Express ℹ️
Andrew Gumbel

Enrichment ℹ️ Becci Prather

Reflections ℹ️
Nicole Elkind

Book Fair ℹ️
Julica Manegatti

Stem Expo ℹ️
Laura Simon
Kevin Breslin

Career Day ℹ️
Joanna Elliott

Community Concerns ℹ️ 
Wendy Jaffa

Safe Routes ℹ️
Open position

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Valet ℹ️
Krista Harris

Bike It Walk It ℹ️
Pamela Petrigliano

Beautification ℹ️
Paola Vezzulli
Bronwyn Barkan
Ryan Olson

Green Team ℹ️
Suzie Roth
Annaig Pilpre

Facilities ℹ️
Sylvia Carillo

Venicia Benjamin

Grants ℹ️
Sylvia Carrillo

Mildred's Garden ℹ️
Jodi Strock
Liz Doan
Liz Doan - Mildred's Garden Co-Chair


Lost and Found ℹ️
Nancy Murphy


Legislation ℹ️
Beverly Palmer