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Communication Instructions

There are two ways for PTA VPs or Chairs to digitally share announcements with Rogers families, described below. Both can be accessed via the Chair Portal section of the PTA website: 

All materials MUST be pre-approved by Ana ( and translated into Spanish. By submitting your materials, you are confirming that they have been approved and translated. 

Be sure that any information in your graphic is also in your text, to improve accessibility and searches. Instagram requires SQUARE images. You can provide both a Spanish and English version of your graphic, or you can combine Spanish and English information into a single graphic.

Because different communications go out at different times, please plan ahead so you can be sure to meet deadlines for each communication method. Ideally you should send materials to the PTA President for approval and translation at least two weeks ahead of time. 

Please save a copy of English and Spanish text, as well as graphics, in your chair folder so they can be reused in later posts or future years. This reduces the need for creating new translations.

Click on the red button at for instructions on finding existing graphic files that you can copy and modify. 

  • Fill out the Post Request form to have your approved image & text posted to the PTA website, Facebook, and Instagram, and possibly get incorporated into a Room Rep email. 
      • Submitting this form sends it to both (responsible for posting) and (responsible for Room Representative emails). 
      • Post deadline: At least two days before the day you want it posted. 
      • Room Rep deadline: Friday morning, to make it into a Monday room rep email.
  • Submit your information for inclusion in one or more Wednesday e-newsletters by pasting your text and images into the correct week’s Google Doc and formatting it the way you want it to appear in the newsletter. You can include it in more than one week’s newsletter as needed. 
    • Deadline: The deadline for adding your information to a newsletter’s Google Doc is Tuesday night; the email will go out the following day. 
    • MailChimp cannot send attachments. If you need to include a PDF, send it to Robert ( He will send you a link to the webpage where it’s posted, and you can include this link in your newsletter text.
    • The PTA Google Drive folder with each week’s Google Doc is located here:
      • To browse to the folder: Shared drives/Will Rogers PTA/Wednesday Folder

Posting on the Website, Instagram, and Facebook

Please send all pertinent information 2 weeks before your event. Posts are featured on the website usually within 72 hours. Instagram/Facebook post the day before event. Volunteer newsletters are sent on Thursdays via email.

Create a Post Request

Paper & Digital Flyers for the Wednesday Folder

Please send all pertinent information 2 weeks before your event. Both the paper and digital versions are distributed on the same Wednesday–one in the blue folder in your child's backpack, and the other as an email.

Create & Submit Print Flyer

How To and Contact

I'm New/I'm Lost

There's a ton of information archived on our PTA's Google Drive that can help you succeed at anything Rogers! Get access by contacting the admin. Here's a quick overview on how most chairs run their department:

Files & Media

All past, present, and future documents from all of our chairs live on a Google Team Drive and is the best place to start. Your chair can add you directly to the drive using these instructions if you already have a gmail account.

If you do not, you can contact the admin to create a "" account for you to use with it. The admin can also forward any message to your personal email if you would prefer.

We use these addresses to keep all a record of all the emails and contacts in one place. Multiple people can have access/receive forwards of an address.

The admin can also reset and forward any address if you are locked out. This will also work if you are trying to get into a SignUpGenius or any other third party service. You can follow that service's "forget your password?".

Getting the Word Out

Information is distributed as:

  1. Paper flyers in every blue Wednesday Folder in your child's backpack
  2. Digital versions of the flyer sent on Wednesdays via email
  3. Website postings, typically on the homepage
  4. Social media via Facebook and Instagram

To get stuff printed and posted, use the both the Printshop and Postshop forms.

Asking for Volunteers

For volunteers we use and social media postings asking specifically for volunteers for a specific event. Those posts additionally go out every Thursday in a "Volunteer Newsletter" to interested parents.

To find out if a prior signupgenius has been made for your event, use the email associated with that ( valet@ for valet, cinco@) use the forgot password if you can't get in. If you can't get into the email, contact the admin.


New banners are not often printed, and if they are, they do not have event dates on them so they may be reused. They are in the PTA closet and a banner request form must be filled in and sent into the District for approval before hanging.

In fact, almost anything from reimbursement forms to committee reports, can be found on the forms page or on Google Drive, so when in doubt, poke around.

Contact the Admin


    Reimbursement/Financial Forms

    Event Forms

    School Permit Use

    District Forms

    PTA Reports


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