Whether you’ve got a spare 10 minutes or 10 days, Will Rogers PTA is always looking for an extra pair of helping hands. Volunteers are the backbone of our community and we believe it’s important that it grows and evolves as much as our students do. Below are just some of the ways you can participate. Please be aware the if you want to volunteer on any SMMUSD campus, you must first complete the District mandatory volunteer training.

Help Wanted:

We need your help for Cinco de Mayo Festival!

The Festival will be on May 3rd. Please sign-up to help, this is our biggest party of the year and we need your help to make it happen! To volunteer please use this link or signup in your child’s classroom. We need at least 5 parents per classroom to do a shift. The most volunteers from a classroom gets a class party and extra recess!
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Valet Week 4/22-5/2 – Attensil-Miller

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Get Volunteer Alerts!

Sent about 1-2 times per month, this email only goes out when we need people–from small stuff like folder stuffing to fun stuff like helping out at events.

Become a PTA Officer or Chair

New faces and ideas are welcome all year long! We are always on the look out for a volunteer who would like to take lead and run with it even if it is mid-year. Each position listed on the PTA Page only last two years and most positions enjoy co-chairing with another person. Send us an email if you would like to take an open position, join up with one that is taken, or make a new one!

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