Whether you’ve got a spare 10 minutes or 10 days, Will Rogers PTA is always looking for an extra pair of helping hands. Volunteers are the backbone of our community and we believe it’s important that it grows and evolves as much as our students do. Below are just some of the ways you can participate. Please be aware the if you want to volunteer on any SMMUSD campus, you must first complete the District mandatory volunteer training.

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City Budget Cuts: What You Should Know

The City of Santa Monica is looking at some budget cuts as many of you have heard/read about.  Our Santa Monica PTA Council has written a letter to the City of Santa Monica expressing how important these programs are for our children.  Parents and city members are encouraged to send in public comments.
We are sending out this information so that you are all aware of what is going on in our community.
Written Comments
All letters, emails and faxes regarding City Council agenda items will be available for public viewing online.  Written comments will not be redacted, and email addresses, physical addresses and telephone numbers will appear online as they are submitted.  If you wish to comment on agenda items by email, please direct them to our new email address at councilmtgitems@smgov.net.
Please contact the City Clerk’s Office with any questions and concerns.
No.11172(CCS))The public is strongly encouraged to submit written correspondence and written public
comment on each agenda item to councilmtgitems@smgov.netin lieu of attending the meeting. The City will
make space available at the address above for the public to listen to the meeting and provide comment,
however, the City will enforce Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Los Angeles County
Department of Public Health social distancing guidelines at this location. Remarks from the public are
limited to a total of 6 minutes per City Council meeting, with a maximum of 2 minutes and a minimum of
one minute per item. Except for the author of the request, public comment on 12-items are limited to 1
minute. Except on Public Input, speakers may donate 2 minutes to another person who may speak for a total
of 4 minutes on that item. Both the donor of time and the designated speaker must submit their cards in
person together
Agendas and reports are accessible on the City’s webpage at smgov.net/council/agendas. They
are also available at the City Clerk’s Office and in alternate formats upon request. Current
procedures for public participation and public comment will be posted with the agenda.

You can also check out this link that explains  how to submit public comments:

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