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PTA Executive Board

Our executive board is made up of volunteers who are elected each year I March by the PTA association. The board meets monthly to oversee the management of the PTA.


Sarah Wahrenbrock

Presides over all association and executive board meetings and their agendas, serves as an ex-oficio member of all committees, except nominating committee. 


Lila Daruty

Works to ensure that the PTA's mission and goals are working and aligned to the strategic plan of the school. Direct liaison between the PTA membership and the school's staff.

Executive Vice President

Ana Evangelista

Assists the president in overseeing the work of the PTA.


Jessica Lew

Chairs budget committee, pays authorized bills, maintains important organization records, prepares reports

Recording Secretary

Joanna Lopez

Takes minutes at board and association meetings, signs important documents, maintains records.

1st Vice President of Volunteers

Roxie Patton

Oversees the following committees: 

2nd Vice President of Events

Rosie Gutierrez

Oversees the following committees: 

3rd Vice President of Fundraising

Erin Inatsugu

Oversees the following committees: 
Will Rogers Fund, Fall Fundraiser, Spring Fundraiser, Student Store, Restaurant Nights, Grocery Rewards/Passive Fundraising

Vice President of Enrichment

Kate Gammon

Oversees the following committees: 

Vice President of Community Concerns

Kellie Kay

Oversees the following committees: 

Vice President of Communication

Robert Cadena

Oversees the following committees: 

Financial Secretary

Anita Yuan

Keeps record of all PTA funds collected, recorded, deposited. Prepares monthly and annual reports.


Erinn Lalezari

Audits books and financial records of the PTA, presents written reports to board and association.

Corresponding Secretary

Pamela Petrigliano

Assists the recording secretary as needed. Assists with teleconference and hybrid meetings.

Room Representative Chair

Roxy Jimenez

Oversees classroom room representative volunteers, provides room reps with weekly communications for families. 


Evan McGee

Collects volunteer hours for PTA meetings and events, preserves a record of PTA activities and achievements.

Teacher Representative

Monica Gonzalez

Serves as a liaison between PTA and teachers.

Santa Monica Education Foundation Liaison

Amy Pandya-Jones

Serves as a liaison between PTA and the SM Ed Foundation. Reports on districtwide fundraising efforts.

Santa Monica Education Foundation Liaison

Amy Pandya-Jones

Serves as a liaison between PTA and the SM Ed Foundation. Reports on districtwide fundraising efforts.

PTA Committee Chairs

Our Committee chairpeople are appointed by the PTA president, and oversee the work on individual committees which are formed to focus volunteer efforts in specific areas of the work of the PTA. Committee chairs call meetings thourghout the year as needed, and report about the work of their committee at the monthly PTA association meetings.

Book Fair


This committee works to plan two book fair events per school year, hosting classroom previews and on-campus sales throughout the event. 


Kellie Kay

This committee meets 2-3 times a year to spruce up the campus! This includes weeding and planting around classrooms and play yards, trash pick-up, cleaning, and other projects identified by the committee chairperson. This committee also helps with watering plants throughout the school year.

5th Grade Events


The 5th grade committee works with teachers and administrators to plan fun and meaningful events for the 5th graders each year including a field trip, dance party, memory book, and supporting the school's culmination event.

Kindergarten / TK Events


This committee works to ensure that incoming TK & kindergarten families feel welcome and informed. Work includes a playdate in August, support for the school's fall "Meet and Greet" and spring "Kindergarten Round-up"events, plus back-to-school welcome activities like the Boo-Hoo breakfast and first day photos.

Grown Ups' Night Out & Auction

Pamela Petrigliano & Evan McGee

This committee works in the fall to solicit good & services from local businesses to include in the auction fundraiser, and plans a fun night-out event for parents & guardians, teachers & staff. 


Melissa Ross

This committee forms in the winter to plan for the spring jog-a-thon. This fundraiser is a fun event for all students, and promotes health & wellness, plus working together to meet a common goal while raising money for our school. 

Movie Nights


Brief Committee description 

Cinco de Mayo Festival


Brief Committee description 

Family Dance


Brief Committee description 

Regenerative Farm Committee

Lila Daruty, Paola Vezzulli & Jodi Strock

This committee works to support the school's efforts to maintain the outdoor classroom space known as the Regenerative Farm. Administration and teachers direct programmatic plans and the committee works to provide volunteers to carry out those plans including on-site volunteers and grant writing.

Reflections Art Program


The Reflections chairperson works with Santa Monica-Malibu PTA Council to establish timelines and learn guidance about running this national PTA program at our school. They work to promote details about the program to the community, collect submissions, and recruit judges. Winning submissions are then forwarded to SMMPTA to be judged against other winners in the Council. The chairperson celebrates all entries with a small event and provides certificates to participants.

Student Store


Maintain and reorder student store merchandise. Recruit and manage volunteers and in-person sales in front of school and at school events. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jessica Lew, Scout Campos

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